Why Does Batman Have a No Kill Rule

In Batman Forever, Batman doesn`t kill criminals or henchmen. However, during the final confrontation with Two-Face, he throws several coins at the criminal, causing him to lose track. Dent then loses his balance and falls to death. Batman is not trying to save him. In addition, he also indirectly causes several explosive accidents while being pursued by the Thugs of Two-Face, although these may have been unintentional. The Batman maintains the no-kill rule carried by most incarnations of the Dark Knight, as described by Robert Pattinson. The first of Batman`s murders during this period was in Batman #221, where the Dark Knight Otto threw Kramm into a pit with a killer lamb created by the scientist. In the narrative, it is mentioned that the two killed each other and Batman considered it “an appropriate ending” for the villain. When Batman was first introduced, he wasn`t worried about the lives of his enemies. His first confirmed murder was in Detective Comics #27, where he pushed Alfred Stryker into a vat of acid. Batman then murdered criminals, caused their deaths, or left them in deadly situations.

In some stories, he also carried a pistol. Bill Finger and Bob Kane both mentioned that this was due to the influence of pulp action heroes in comics such as The Shadow and Green Hornet. Both were known to carry firearms and often use lethal methods to hunt down enemies. The well-trained assassin, known as KGBeast, received one last mission from his superiors, who sent him to Gotham with a list of targets to assassinate in the “Ten Nights of the Beast” plot. He managed to kill most of them, although it cost him his hand when he cut them off to escape an encounter with Batman. In the sequel to the Batman Beyond series, Bruce is shown having a heart attack forced to threaten a criminal with a gun to save a hostage`s life. This event horrified him so much that he decided to leave the role and never patrol Gotham regularly. When Terry McGinnis takes on the role of Batman, he follows the same rules as Bruce. However, in some situations, Terry causes several presumed deaths of his enemies, such as the Terrific Trio. These often occur because there is no visible alternative to stop them or save the lives of others, and in most cases, they die mainly because Batman cannot save them from the side effects of their abilities. After Bruce Wayne`s traumatic injury during the Knightfall story, he handed over the mantle to the bat Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael, who had just begun his training as a new member of the Batman family. However, he was raised using a brainwashing technique known as the system, which gave him advanced skills but corrupted his mind.

He heavily altered the batsuit and became increasingly violent until he finally broke Wayne`s main rule by first pushing the serial killer named Abattoir and then dropping him to death in a bathtub of molten steel. This heralded the end of his “KnightQuest” and brought the return of Bruce Wayne. Finger agreed with Ellsworth from the beginning, concluding that if Batman was fighting villains like the Joker, Dr. Death, and Hugo Strange, he needed clear moral superiority. If the bad guys often claimed they were killing just for a bigger goal, Batman couldn`t use the same excuse. He wasn`t just the protagonist; He had to be the hero. In the final part of the game, Batman is faced with an interesting moral dilemma: he must kill Bane to prevent the Joker from killing himself with an electric chair. In the end, Batman kills Bane and saves the Joker.

Bruce, however, soon revived Bane using his electric handcuffs. Batman kills Bane. At least for a few seconds. In the Batman: Arkham video games, his version of Batman adheres to the same rules as regular continuity, such as not killing or using guns. He also refuses to do so on several occasions, including with Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum and Ra`s al Ghul in Batman: Arkham City, and even tries to save her. Batman`s non-lethal tactics are also mentioned by henchmen, including the Arkham Knight`s army. However, he probably murders some characters and henchmen throughout the series. DC`s timeline was tragically altered when Barry Allen/The Flash returned to stop his mother`s murder, setting off a chain reaction of events that nearly doomed the world into a war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans during the Flashpoint event.

In this timeline, Bruce Wayne was killed instead of his parents, and Thomas and Martha Wayne became Batman and the Joker. There are many alternate versions of Batman`s reality in the multiverse that have also violated their strict code not to kill. Batman killed Dracula during Red Rain to stop Gotham City`s vampire infection, although he was filmed himself and began killing his own villains. JLA: The Nail saw another version of Batman catch and kill the Joker who killed Batgirl and Robin. The first time Batman used a weapon was to destroy a pair of vampires with silver bullets in Detective Comics #32. He then used his gun to detonate a bomb or call the police, but put it away while he fought criminals. The only time Bruce used guns against humans in his golden age was in Batman #1, cover of March 1940. In the story “The Giants of Hugo Strange”, the eponymous terrorist scientist permanently transforms the mentally ill into huge, super-strong, almost stupid “monsters”. Strange then asks his human henchmen to transport the Monster Men in trucks to populated areas. Desperate to stop them before they reach and kill innocent people, Batman shoots the pilots of his plane while lamenting, “As much as I hate taking human lives, I`m afraid it`s necessary this time!” In a conversation with artist Jack Burnley, Finger said he should have discussed murderous violence more with Kane, even in early stories, gun or no gun, saying, “Batman would never have had to kill people.” It`s normal to prefer a Batman who kills or kills only under certain circumstances. I`d rather he didn`t, but I still like stories like Batman (1989), where he`s a deadly anti-terrorist who also targets gangsters.

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